ZLS-1 Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator

Max Capacity: 62×1.5ml
Max Speed: 1500RPM
Speed Type: Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator
Temp Control: No


  1. With TFT true-color LCD wide-screen touch monitor,micro-computer control and an easy and direct operation interface.
  2. Aluminum-alloy-made diving room,the inside of which is covered with an corrosion-resistan coating.
  3. Maintenance-free and non-contact drive and rotation system.
  4. Exquisite design,easy operation,convenient operation.
  5. Multiple options of different types of rotors which are compatible with the machine.
  6. Transparent covering favorable for observing the operation status.
  7. Condensation time:0-99h59min
  8. Able to be used in combination with the cold trap.
Rotor capacity 1.5ml×62
Speed (r/min) 1350
temp.range Room temp.~55℃ or temp. increase
Vacuum pump Optional
dimensions(L×W×H) 500×490×280mm


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