• Quickly test the N,P,K, organic matter, salinity and pH, soil moisture in soil
  • Salinity sensor is Non-glass electrode solid sensor, buried into soil and read directly
  • Multiple channels which is able to test 8 or 16 or 1 sample at same time
  • 7inch color touch screen, Android system, on-line upgrade
  • With the function of time display, can automatically record and store testing time
  • Store about 1000 groups, data. Data can be checked at any time
  • With clock chip, time can be displayed in year, month, day, hour, and second.
  • GPS Function included
  • Built-in data logger, all test value be stored automatically and never lost.
  • Be able to print the data like test date, sample No, items, sample content, variety etc
  • Be able to set crop variety, crop yield, fertilizer variety, and automatically count the fertilizing amount
  • Data can be transmitted via WI-Fi to Computer
  • According to the local situation, to set the crop variety, productivity, Fertilizer variety, And then calculate the fertilizing amount automatically
  • Built-in large capacity rechargeable battery, both AC and DC are available
  • Able to connect others sensors such as air temperature, humidity, soil temperature and moisture, CO2, PAR and light etc. (optional)

Technical Parameters

pH technical parameter Testing range 0-14
Error ±0.1
Salinity Technical parameter Testing range 0.01%-1.00%
Error ±0.5
Soil Nutrient technical parameter Stability Absorbency of light drift <0.003
Repeatability Absorbency of light <0.005
Linearity errors Red light for Copper sulfate and blue light For potassium bichromate <3.0%
Sensitivity Red light ≥ 4.5x 10 Blue light≥3.17×10
Wavelength range Red light 620±4nm Blue light 440±4nm
Anti-knocking performance Qualified
Moisture technical parameter Moisture unit m3/m3
Accuracy ±2%
Resolution 0.1%
Moisture content rate testing range 0-100%
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