TPKZ-3 Wheat System

The wheat test system can measure the seeds of rice, corn, wheat, rapeseed, soybean and other crops. It uses high-precision weighing sensors and high-resolution cameras to shoot the tested seeds. While obtaining the seed weight, it also calculates the number of tested seeds. , Quickly obtain the relevant data of the thousand/hundred-seed weight of

System purpose

The wheat seed test system (intelligent seed test system) can measure the number, thousand/hundred kernel weight and average grain type (including length, width, aspect ratio, perimeter, area) of various smooth-surfaced grains.  


1. It is suitable for the grain type analysis of corn, rice, wheat, soybean, rape, vegetable and other seeds.
2. Imaging characteristics: a color camera with a large depth of field resolution of 10 million pixels with auto focus, and an ultra-thin backlight light source plate, with automatic correction characteristics of camera image distortion and backlight plate uniformity, effectively reducing size measurement errors. The diameter of the seeds taken and analyzed is 0.5-20mm. The grains and rice grains of rice seeds need to be selected by winnowing, and then counted and analyzed separately to get the seed setting rate of rice.
3. Counting speed, accuracy and target size: Fully automatic counting speed: 1200~20000 grains/min, counting error ≤±0.3%, very little monitoring and correction can ensure the accuracy of the result. The accuracy error of the automatic thousand-grain weight analysis: ≤±1mg;
4. It can automatically measure the shape parameters (length, width, aspect ratio, area, circumference) of each kind of adhesion seeds, and sort and output. The measurement error of each size of all kinds of seeds is ≤±0.1mm, and the scanning measurement error is ≤±0.01mm. And can compare the length and width of different varieties of seeds, and output vector diagrams.
5. Moisture measurement: Through the moisture analyzer, the data can be input into the software, and finally output uniformly.
6. Image analysis: any zoom in or zoom out, easy to view the marking results.
7. Auxiliary deletion: use the mouse to select add/delete, or directly use the mouse to manually count on the screen to ensure the accuracy of the results; personalized counting of the target area: count the optional range or rectangular range in the work area
8. It has an automatic input interface for the barcode of the tested sample and the RS232 weight data of the electronic balance. The analysis process is computer-controlled, efficient, accurate, simple and easy to use, counting analysis and thousand-grain weight measurement with one-key operation.
9. Software encryption: use dynamic two-dimensional code + dongle encryption to register the information of the specific user to prevent the loss of dongle.
10. Analysis data export: analysis image results can be saved, a total report can be automatically formed, statistical analysis results can be output to an Excel table, and the test system is supported by a cloud platform.
11. Backlight device: The ultra-thin backlight board has the function of adjusting the brightness, and is equipped with a seed tray with automatic calibration function. After the seeds are spread, there is no shadow and the grain shape is calculated.

Standard configuration

name quantity
Data U Disk 1 piece
Software lock 1
A3 format backlight device 1 set
Gao Paiyi 1 set
Electronic balance (accuracy 1mg) 1 set
Communication transmission line 1 piece
Seed imaging disc 1 piece
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