TPKZ-1 Corn Test System

The corn seed test system is also called the corn seed test analysis system. It is professionally used for the precise test of corn kernels, ears, and cross-sections, as well as the number of seedlings, uniformity, and uniformity analysis. The system performance is stable. It is a common test for various scientific research units and seed companies.



1. The corn seed test analysis system is suitable for the analysis of the grain type index of corn, rice, wheat, soybean, rape, and vegetable equivalent grain seeds.
2. Corn whole ear analysis function: automatically measure the ear row number, row kernel number, ear length, ear thickness, bald tip length, left and right ear edge angle, ear row angle, ear row, and ear color of each corn.
3. Corn section analysis function: corn ear thickness, shaft thickness, ear row number and grain width. At least 15 sections can be measured at a time.
4. Analysis and calculation of seed grains of rice, wheat, soybeans, rapeseed, vegetables, etc.: quantity, thousand-seed weight/100-seed weight, grain type per seed (including length, width, aspect ratio, perimeter, area, diameter), moisture, Color (in RGB), number of embryo tips.
5. The total results of all kinds of seeds can be analyzed: the average value of all seeds (length, width, aspect ratio, perimeter, area, diameter)
6. Hardware device: A3 format (maximum resolution 1600dpi × 1600dpi, purple light M1 color scanner.
7. Analysis speed: It can image and analyze 10 corn ears, 35 corn sections, and 1000 corn kernels at the same time.
8. Moisture: Equipped with a moisture analyzer, which can obtain the moisture content of the grain, and input the moisture value into the system and automatically export it.
9. Image: You can zoom in or zoom out arbitrarily for easy viewing of the marking results.
10. Data: EXCEL form can be automatically exported, and has the function of additional saving.
11. Color: The recognized specific RGB value is used to represent the color of the seed.
12. Weight: A balance with automatic weight output function, which is automatically converted into a thousand/hundred-grain weight after input.
13. Number of embryo tips: It can automatically identify the number of embryo tips in corn kernels and mark the embryo tips.
14. Counting speed: 1500~4000 grains/min; accuracy: counting error ≤±0.5%, monitoring correction is 100% correct. Grain shape error ≤±0.3%. Accuracy error of automatic thousand-grain weight analysis: ≤±0.5%.
15. Data synchronization: When the computer network connection is normal, it will automatically synchronize to the cloud platform, and you can view, analyze, and manage data on the cloud platform.

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