TP-JLG-2018 Small rice hulling machine


The small rice hulling function can remove the shell of the rice, reduce the bursting of the rice grains and damage the skin, and try to keep the brown rice intact. The small hulling machine is a special equipment for inspecting the roughness of rice, and it is also a rice hulling equipment. It is an ideal tool for rice quality inspection.


1. The roughness rate meets the standard of GB5495-2008 “Inspection Standard for Roughness Rate of Rice and Oil Inspection”.
2. The small hulling machine adopts engineering plastics, with beautiful appearance, simple structure and stable operation.
3. The amount of rice sample can be set as required, and the operation is convenient.
4. It can automatically and continuously feed, and the effect of shelling and separation is good.
5. Polyurethane rubber roller, brown rice is not damaged after hulling, and the broken rice rate is low.
6. The polyurethane rubber roller has good durability, and the motor adopts DC stepless speed regulation, which has a long service life.
7. The distance of the rubber roller and the wind force are adjustable to ensure that all the rice is peeled off.

Technical Parameter

The hulling rate of the small rice hulling machine is 97% in one hulling process, and 100% in the two hulling hulling machines.
Hulling time of 50g rice sample: about 40s
Polyurethane rubber roller, brown rice grains are not damaged after hulling, the broken rice rate of normal rice after hulling is less than 3%,

rubber roller speed 2800r/min,
rubber roller adjustable spacing 0~ 3mm
brown rice collection box capacity 120g
chaff collection box capacity 60g
motor power 120W (DC 220V)
working voltage 220V
overall size 20mmx280mmX165mm
machine weight 7.5kg
can work with 2V DC power supply
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