SZF-06C Crude Fat Analyzer

Crude fat analyzer water bath heating, digital display temperature control, accurate temperature control, water bath heating, heating evenly, automatic recovery.

Introduction to the instrument

The crude fat analyzer is based on the Soxhlet extraction principle and the weight measurement method to determine the fat content. That is, the fat is dissolved in the organic flux, the fat is separated from the flux by the extraction method, and then dried, weighed, and the fat content is calculated.

The crude fat analyzer is mainly composed of three parts: heating extraction, flux recovery and cooling. During operation, the heating temperature can be adjusted according to the boiling point of the reagent and the environmental temperature. The sample is soaked and extracted repeatedly during the extraction process to achieve the purpose of rapid determination.



1. The crude fat analyzer is small in size, and the water bath is heated quickly and evenly.
2. All the crude fat measuring instruments adopt glass ground joints to avoid the problem of ether leakage.
3. Digital display temperature control, precise temperature control, simple and convenient operation.

Technical Parameters

Dimensions 670*250*600mm
Weight 23kg
Measuring range grain, feed, oil and various fat products with oil content in the range of 0.5% to 60%
Measure the number of samples 6 at the same time
Heating time within 10 minutes
Recycling system automatic
Flux recovery rate ≧80%
Temperature control range room temperature~100℃
Power supply AC220V/50Hz
Power 1000W
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