KDN-04/08/20C Digital Display Digestion Furnace

KDN-04C/08C/20C Digital Infrared Digestive Furnace

Model: KDN-04C (furnace), KDN-08C (furnace), KDN-20C (furnace).

Digital display digestion furnace is also called branched digital display digestion furnace , digital display temperature control digestion furnace, heating method adopts infrared heating tube, radiation is the main and conduction is auxiliary; heating time is fast and efficiency is high.

Model difference:

name Economical digestion furnace Digital display digestion furnace Graphite digestion furnace
main products KDN-A type KDN-04C/KDN-08C/KDN-20C KDN-04D/KDN-08D
heating method Infrared heating
Heat conduction method Air conduction Graphite conduction
Display method without Digital Display
Temperature control method Two-level switch, through control

Control voltage to achieve temperature control

Digital temperature control
Temperature control stage 2-stage temperature control Automatically adjustable
Insulation mode Adopt air insulation layer and aluminum silicate insulation layer, double insulation effect
Heating rate 30℃/min 20℃/min
Temperature control accuracy ±2℃ ±1℃
Exterior The whole machine is made of special sprayed steel plate, and the worktable is made of acid and alkali resistant stainless steel with beautiful colors.
advantage Fast heating, high efficiency, simple operation and compact structure. The heating method adopts the infrared heating tube, the radiation is the main and the conduction is the auxiliary; the heating time is fast and the efficiency is high. The heating adopts infrared heating and graphite conduction, the heating time is fast, and the average temperature difference in the furnace is small, the sample digestion effect is consistent, and the heat conduction efficiency is high. Multi-stage temperature control can be set according to your needs, and the temperature control is accurate.



1. The chassis of the whole machine is made of special sprayed steel plate, and the work surface is made of stainless steel;
2. It has good corrosion resistance and beautiful color;
3. Double-layer shell design, air insulation layer and aluminum silicate insulation layer, Double heat insulation effect;
4. The whole machine has multiple protections against over voltage, over current, overheating, etc.;
5. The whole machine is compact and beautiful, simple to operate, convenient and fast to use.

Technical Parameter

Temperature control range room temperature~600℃
Measuring range 0.1mgN~200mgN (milligram nitrogen)
Measurement quantity measure multiple at one time; (4 wells, 8 wells, 12 wells, 20 wells,)
Digestion time 60~90 minutes/ Batch (depending on sample size)
Digestion tube capacity 300ml
Power supply AC220 (V) 50Hz
Power 1000W/1500W/2000W/2500W
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