PHR-2S portable superficial Rockwell hardness testers comply with the basic designing principles of Rockwell hardness testing in accordance with international standard ISO 6508, American Standard ASTM E18 and ASTM E110. The hardness values can be read directly from the superficial Rockwell hardness testers after rapid and accurate operations. It can be considered as a non-destructive testing with very small indentations. This kind of testers can be used at site to test the finished or semi-finished work pieces piece by piece in batches. Superficial Rockwell hardness testers are mostly applied in the metal-processing enterprises.

Feature & Use

  • Small and Light: The tester is small and light. Its min. weight is only 1.2kg.
  • Simple Operation: Operation as simple as micro-meter.
  • High accuracy: Comply to standard ISO 6508 and ASTM E18, ASTM E110.
  • Wide test range: test thin plate, shaft, small ball and so on.
  • Anvil: Test tin plate and cold-rolled sheet with diamond raised spot anvil.
  • Indention: small indentation and NDT testing on finished workpiece.
  • Traceable Test Block: Standard package including traceable standard Superficial Rockwell hardness block.


Specimen size: 50 x 50mm
Initial Test Force: 3kgf
Total Test Force: 15kgf, 30kgf, 45kgf
Indenter: 120°diamond cone, Ф1.588mm carbide ball
Accuracy: Meets the requirements of ISO 6508, ASTM E18
Resolution: 0.5HR
Testing Range: HRN, HRT,HRW, HRX, HRY,  etc.15 scales.
Application: All metals including iron, steel, copper,aluminium,zinc, lead, tin, carburized steel, nitrided steel etc.

Standard accessories

Bench stand: 1 pc.
Flat test anvil:1 pc.
V-notch anvil: 1 pc.
120 degree Diamond cone penetrator: 1 pc.
1/16” Tungsten carbide penetrator: 2 pcs.
Superficial Rockwell standardized block: 2 pcs
Extension adaptor: 2 pcs.
Magnifier: 2 pcs..

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