JYSY30×8 Round Powder Inspection Sieve

The circular powder inspection sieve is also called electric powder inspection sieve. It adopts a low-gravity and high-precision worm gear pair for variable speed transmission. The eccentric linkage mechanism makes a plane rotation movement. Under the action of the internal balance device, the operation is more stable. The compression rod seat integrated with the tray makes the fixing of the screen more reliable and the operation more convenient. Electronic timing control, high timing accuracy. The whole machine is compact and reasonable in structure, stable in operation, stable in performance, convenient in operation, sturdy and durable. It is an indispensable testing equipment for measuring the thickness of powder according to the new national standard. 

The principle of the instrument

The working principle of the circular powder inspection sieve is that the samples are sieved on sieve of different specifications to achieve different particle separation. Calculate the thickness of flour grains based on the residue on the sieve.

Functional Characteristics

1. Comply with the national standard GB/T5507-2008 “Cereal and Oil Inspection, Measurement of Powder Coarseness”.
2. The circular powder inspection sieve can separate different particles, and calculate the thickness of the powdered grain according to the residue on the sieve.
3. The worm gear pair with low center of gravity and high precision is used for variable speed transmission, which makes the operation more stable.
4. Electronic timing control, high timing accuracy.

Technical Parameters

Screen diameter 300mm
Screen height 30mm
Rotation diameter 50mm
Rotation speed 260r/min
Sample weight 50.0g
Timing time  0~999s
Motor power 60W
Angola standard configuration  CQ10 (25 mesh), CQ16 (41 mesh), CQ20 (51 mesh), CQ27 (69 mesh), CB30 (76 mesh), CB36 (91 mesh), CB42 (107 mesh) sieve frame set
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