FSI-175 Series Cooling Shaking Incubator

Cooling Shaking Incubator

Model: FSI-175, FSI-175C, FSI-335, FSI-335C, FSI-580, FSI-580C

Vertical constant temperature oscillating equipment with multiple amplitudes.

Product Description

1. Imported compressors,imported bearings,servo motors.
2. Air duct design,not direct blowing,good temperature uniformity.
3. The minimum speed is 20rpm Custom models can be done 10rpm ,and it can start and stop at ultra-low speed to protect the sample to the greatest extent.
4. Make an appointment to start the function.
5.Solenoid valve defrost function can ensure long-term low temperature operation.
6.Can be set to run forward,reverse,and alternately run.


Name Vertical Constant Temperature Shaker (LCD)
Model FSI-175 FSI-175C FSI-335 FSI-335C FSI-580 FSI-580C
Control Mode PID microcomputer processing chip
Cycle Mode Forced convection
Shaking Mode Convolution
Display Mode LCD  liquid crystaldisplay
Drive Mode Multidimensional drive
3 Axes 4 Axes
USB data download system Yes(optional)
Control System (Standard mode; continuous mode; programmable mode (multi-stage temperature, speed, time control))
Rotary Speed Range(rpm) 0,20-350(Can do static training, forward and reverse) 0,20-280(Can do static training, forward and reverse)
Rotary Accuracy(rpm) ±1
Amplitude(mm) Φ26(customizable Φ35(20-250rpm/min)、Φ50(20-2000rpm/min)
Max  Capacity (clamp) 100ml*60

or 250ml*38

or 500ml*22

or 1L*16


or 250ml*56

or 500ml*44

or 1L*24


or 500ml*72

or 1000ml*42

Max  Capacity ( stick mat) 100ml*60

or 250ml*36


or 1L*16


or 250ml*70

or 500ml*44



or 500ml*76

or 1000ml*42

Standard   configuration 250ml*24 250ml*28  500ml*22 250ml*45  500ml*36
Plate Size(mm) 500*360 710*455 950*550
Timer Range(h/min) 0-9999(with  timing function)
Temperature Range(℃) RT+5-65 4-65
RT+5-65 4-65
RT+5-65 4-65
Temperature Accuracy(℃) ±0.1
Temperature Uniformity(℃) ±0.5(37℃)
Temperature Motion(℃) ≤0.1(37℃)
Tray Quantity (2 pieces)
External Size(mm) 700*580*1280 950*700*1280 1200*800*1630
Capacity(L) 175 335 580
Power(W) 600 850 900 1150 1100 1400
Power Supply AC220±10%  50-60HZ
Ambient Temperature(℃) 5-30
Additional Function Ultra-low start, adjustable start speed, automatic overspeed protection, watchdog timer, parameter memory, call recovery, refrigeration unit overload protection and call delay start, automatic defrost, upper and lower limit over temperature sound and light alarm, automatic stop when the door is opened (optional ), with lighting, ultraviolet disinfection function (optional), setting parameter view, monitoring temperature and correction of ambient temperature. Touch screen (optional)


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