DZ-1BL Series

Automatic Vacuum Drying Oven

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Automatic Vacuum Drying Oven

For the design of drying heat sensitive and easy decomposition, easy oxidation material, inert gas into.


  • Large LCD screen display show vacuum degree and temperature and multiple sets of data, intelligent PID temperature and gas control system, control temperature accurately, automatic vacuum degree control system.
  • Intelligent temperature and vacuum programmable design to meet different experiment requirements.
  • Standard inflatable port, gas pipeline equipped with air filter to extend the life of the vacuum pump, manual and electric double sets of deflation device, adopt integral forming and high temperature resistant silicone sealing strip, with good tightness.
  • Independent temperature limiter: imported mechanical mechanical temperature limiter, set the workroom to limit the temperature.

Main Technical Parameters:

Heating modeFour walls heat conduction and decompression
Temp. RangeRT +10-250°C
Vacuum degree Range<133Pa
Temp. Resolution Ratio0.1°C
Temp. motion± 1°C
Heating-up time80min100min120min
Inner ChamberHigh quality hairline stainless steel sheet
Outer ShellCold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior
Insulation layerHigh quality rock wool board(with CE)
HeaterStainless steel electric heating tube
Observation windowBullet proof glass, acrylic exterior protection
Vacuum meterLCD Display
Nozzle diameter10mm
Power rating0.8kW1.4kW2.0kW
Temp. control modeIntelligent PID multi-stage temperature control, program control vacuum
Temp. setting modeTouch button setting
Temp. display modeLCD Display
Timer0-9999 min (with timing wait function)
Operation functionFixed temperature operation, timing function, auto stop
Additional functionSensor deviation correction, temperature overshoot self-tuning, internal parameter locking, power-off parameter
Safety deviceOver temperature sound-light alarm, mechanical temperature limiter, sensor fault alarm, over vacuum degree alarm
Inner Chamber size(W*L*H)(mm)300*300*270415*370*340450*450*450
Exterior size (W*L*H)(mm)480*480*1106560*540*1180640*590*1280
Packing size (W*L*H)(mm)590*550*1250704*620*1314739*700*1389
Number of shelf2
Load per rack15kg
Shelf space100mm140mm185mm
Current rating (50/60HZ)AC220V/3.6AAC220V/6.3AAC220V/9.1A
NW/GW (kg)42/5267/9282/105
Shelf frame4
Optional AccessoriesRS485 interface, printer, recorder, remote control, wireless SMS alarm, USB data storage




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