AH48 Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Work Station

Wavelength Range: 320~1000nm
Band Width: 2nm
Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.5nm

AH48 Automatic nucleic acid extraction workstation

based on the principle of magnetic bead extraction and purification of nucleic acid, integrates the combination of oscillating nucleic acid extraction and purification and pipetting arm to realize the rapid and efficient preparation and purification of a large number of sample nucleic acids. The workstation integrates many functions such as automatic loading of reagent samples, nu- cleic acid extraction, and PCR system construction, realizing the automatic operation of the whole process. No manual interven- tion is required during the whole work process. With corresponding nucleic acid extraction reagents, it can process serum, plasma, whole blood, swabs, amniotic fluid, feces, tissue lavage, tissue, paraffin sections, bacteria, fungi and other sample types. It is widely used in inspection, disease prevention and control. , Animal quarantine, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, food safety, forensic trace inspection, science, teaching and research, etc.



Samples per Batch 1-48 samples
Mechanical Arms One Transfer and one Extraction arm
Position precision positioning accuracy of the pipette manipulator arm X-Y-Z 0.1mm

Positioning accuracy of the extraction arm X-Z-M 0.1mm

Suction heads sizes 200pL, 1000pL
Pipetting Accuracy 200pL suction head liquid displacement: 200pL CV: 2%

1000pL suction head liquid displacement: 1000pL CV : 1%

Microtiter plate 96 wells (20-1000pL)
Heating Temperature Room Temperature to 80°C (Cell Lysis & nucleic acid Elution)
Processing mode Multispeed Available
Operating Interface English-Chinese graphical interface, 10-inch touch screen
Reagents Reagents suitable for magnetic particle method
Protocol management Free setup, can store up to 200 users’setups
Sterilization method UV sterilization (Programmable)
Dimension L*W*H 1100mm*700mm*730mm


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