AA-1800DL Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Wavelength Range: 320~1000nm
Band Width: 2nm
Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.5nm

Main Features

Polymer spray chamber

  • Polymer materials corrosion spray chamber, acid and alkali resistance, including hydrofluoric acid, either organic or inorganic solution can be the highest sensitivity and stability

Titanium burner

  • Titanium burner, the optional 50mm and 100mm burner, air cooling pre-mixed type,corrosion resistant, resistant to high salt, greatly improve the analysis efficiency and accuracy of the flame

Automatic analysis

  • It can automatically accomplish safety ignition, extinction and switching, reliable structure,Iow fault rate, thus ensuring the sensitivity and reproducibility of the flame
  • The light source system six lamp automatic conversion, can be directly used high performance hollow cathode lamp, im- prove the sensitivity analysis of the flame, the automatic justment of the power supply parameters and the beam position, automatic wavelength scanning and searching peak

Software function

  • High intelligent software, powerful function, friendly interface English Automatic instruments and additional control, flame, graphite furnace operating mode can be switched automatically, automatic optimization, automatic dilution; mouse operation, automatic setup menu data and correction method

Technical parameters

  • Light Source:s8 lamps automatic turret, automatic alignment
  • Power Supply:110/220V (+5% ∼ -10%), 60/50Hz; 5OOOVA
  • Lamp Current:pulsed power supply
  • Optical System:large 1800 /mm grating ruling, full closed optical system
  • Wavelength Range:185nm-900nm Automatically peak find,a key optical optimization function
  • Wavelength Accuracy:-±0.15nm
  • Wavelength Repeatability:<0.10nm
  • Spectral Bandwidth:0.1. 0.2. 0.4. 0.7. 1.0. 1.4. 2.0nm(7 steps with automatic changeover)
  • Baseline Stability: +0.002A/30 min (Static) +0.004A/30min (Dynamic)
  • Absorbance Range:0-4A


Flame Analytical System

  • Detector: imported photomultiplier tube
  • Burner Head:full titanium combustion head, 50mm or 100mm general combustion head
  • Atomization Chamber:polymer explosion-proof spray chamber
  • Nebulizer:atomizer efficient glass atomizer, can also be customized
  • Ignition Type:microcomputer control, automatic ignition
  • Gas Control:automatic gas control system
  • Detection Limits(Cu):0.002pg/mL
  • Precision: RSD 5%
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