XH-C Vortex Mixer


◎ Adapted to the mixing of finger tip blood sample, It can mix the sample thoroughly without damaging the blood cells, it also can fit different types of centrifuge tubes.
◎ High performance & low noise AC motor to make rapid and thorough mixing.
◎ Continuous and Inching model available, Easy to operate.
◎ Reasonable design, compact structure and stable performance.

Main Technical Data:

Operation method:Circling
Circling diameter:3mm / 4mm
Rating speed:2800rpm
Running mode:Constant, Inching
Working plate size:Ø55mm
Input voltage(frequency):AC 220V±10%(50/60Hz)
Permissible relative moisture:80%
Output power:30W
Protective class:IP21
Permissible ambient temperature:5-50℃
Net. Weight:2.5Kg
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