WZZ-3 Automatic Polarimeter


  • Photoelectric test and microcomputer control ;
  • Measuring specific rotation, optical rotation, concentration and sugar degree ;
  • Automatic repetition-measurement for 6 times, and calculation of average value and means square root;
  • RS232.


Parameters/Model WZZ-3
Measurement modes: Optical rotation, specific rotation, sugar degree, concentration
Light source: LED + interference filter
Wavelength: 589.44nm
Measurement range: ±45°(optical rotation), 120°Z(sugat)
Accuracy: ±(0.01+measuring value ×0.05%)°(optical rotation)
Repeatability: ≤0.003°(optical rotation)
Display:  Color Touch LCD
Minimum indicating value: 0.001°
Test tubes: 100mm / 200mm (regular)
Transmission: 10%
Interface: USB
Weight (Gross): 36kg
Overall Dimensions: 730mm  480mm  470mm
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