SX3 Series Ceramic Fiber Muffle Furnace

Ceramic Fiber Muffle Furnace

Sintering, melting, elemental analysis and physical measurement within 1200°C of precise control.


  • Mirror stainless steel mouth, long-term use will not change color.
  • Imported double insulated ceramic liner, stable performance.
  • Vacuum forming polycrystalline mullite fiber furnace, high efficiency insulation.
  • In the double shell, the air sleeve is insulated, and the double guiding air passage.

SX4 model also has the following characteristics:

  • Adding exhaust devices is beneficial to ashing.
  • Split design, circuit detachable, easy to maintenance and repair.
  • P model is program temperature control type, program temperature controller can programme multistage program.

Main Technical parameters:

SX3-2.5-12 SX3-5-12 SX3-8-12 SX3-10-12
SX3-2.5-12B SX3-5-12B SX3-8-12B SX3-10-12B
SX4-2-12 SX4-7-12 SX4-12-12 SX4-16-12
SX4-2-12B SX4-7-12B SX4-12-12B SX4-16-12B
SX4-2-12P SX4-7-12P SX4-12-12P SX4-16-12P
SX4-2-12PB SX4-7-12PB SX4-12-12PB SX4-16-12PB
Heating mode Alloy wire heating in three sides left: right: top side.
Temp.Range 100-1200°C
Temp. Resolution Ratio 1°C
Temp. motion ± 1°C
Temp. Rising time to max temp. ≤ 30min
Chamber material Ceramic fiber
Outer shell cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior: B model: stainless steel
Insulation layer Ceramic fiber
Heater Alloy hearing wire
Power rating 1.5kW 3.0kW 4.5kW 6.0kW
Exhaust hole Φ 30mm(chimney size 80*60mm)
Temp. control mode SX3 model: domestic brand single controller; SX4 model: imported single controller from Japan;
P model: Imported 40 sections program temperature control device from Japan
Temp. setting mode Touch button setting
Temp. display mode Measuring temperature: LED upper row, setting temperature; the lower row
Timer 0-9999min (with timing wait function)
SX3 Series no timing function
Operation function Fixed temperature operation, timing function, auto stop.
Additional function Sensor deviation correction. Temperature overshoot self-tuning, internal parameter locked, Power-off parameter memory
Sensor SX3: Platinum-rhodium sensor; SX4:High precision K type sensor
Safety device Manual door security lock, over temperature sound-light alarm, door opening electrical outage, over-temperature
protection, thermocouple failure
Inner Chamber size
120*200*80 200*300*120 200*300*200 250*400*160
Exterior size (W*L*H)(mm) 450*685*600 530*785*640 530*785*720 600*895*700
Packing size(W*L&H)(mm) 580*775*730 660*875*770 660*875*850 730*985*830
Volume 2L 7L 12L 16L
Current rating (50/60HZ) AC220V/6.6A AC220V/13/6A AC220V/20.4A AC380V/9.9A
NW/GW (kg) 33/37 45/50 62/68 77/96
Optional type LCD program temperature control device with USD storage


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