SPAD-502PLUS Chlorophyll Meter

SPAD-502PLUS Chlorophyll Meter is imported from Japan. Through this product, it is helpful to apply nitrogen fertilizer reasonably, improve the utilization rate of nitrogen, and protect the environment. The LCD directly displays the chlorophyll value. The instrument is small and portable, and can be carried to the field for measurement.

Instrument introduction:

The spad502 chlorophyll meter can instantly measure the relative content of chlorophyll (in SPAD) or the degree of greenness and leaf temperature of plants, so as to solve the real nitro demand of plants and understand the lack of nitro in the soil or whether excessive nitrogen fertilizer is applied. The utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer can be increased through the instrument, and the environment can be protected.

Trend chart display: The trend of multiple sets of data measured by spad will be displayed in the chart, and those data with large differences can be found out at a glance, so that they can be taken seriously and analyzed.

The spad502 chlorophyll meter can be widely used in agriculture and forestry related scientific research units and universities for the research of plant physiological indicators and the guidance of agricultural production.

Technical parameters 

Spad measurement method 2-wavelength optical density difference method
Measuring area 2mm×3mm
Sensor  silicon semiconductor photodiode
Display mode LCD screen display, 4 decimal places, trend graph
Measuring range -9.9 ~ 199.9 SPAD units
Memory capacity 30 data, automatically calculate and display the average
Power source 2 AA batteries (1.5V)
Battery life more than 20,000 measurements
Measurement interval 2 seconds
Accuracy within ±1.0 SPAD unit (at room temperature, the SPAD value is between 0-50)
Repeatability within ±0.3 SPAD units (SPAD value ranges from 0 to 50)
Reproducibility within ±0.5 SPAD units (SPAD value ranges from 0 to 50)
Volume 164×78×49mm (length×width×height)
Weight 225 grams
Operating environment 0 to 50°C
Other functions alarm function; calibration function

The spad502 chlorophyll meter​ controls and manages nitrogen (N) elements:

Nitrogen (N) element plays a very important role in the growth of crops. For growers, knowing the nitrogen demand of crops can control the supply of nitrogen fertilizer at the right amount. Some experiments have shown that the SPAD series can help reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer by 10% while ensuring that crop yields are not reduced. Controlling the amount of nitrogen fertilizer in the farmland to an appropriate level can reduce crop diseases and environmental pollution that may be caused by excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer. More and more people have begun to realize the pollution caused by excessive use of nitrogen fertilizers to lake water and groundwater and begin to realize the importance of proper use of nitrogen fertilizers. With the continuous development of nitrogen fertilizer application technology now and in the future, SPAD series products are playing an increasingly important role.

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