PS 2690 Automatic Scratch Tester

Automatic Scratch Tester

Coating performance is related to many factors that include the hardness of the coating with other physical properties such as adhesion, lubricity, resilience etc., as well as the influence of coating thickness and curing conditions.  It is a quantifiable indication of the extent to which serious damage is resisted when a loaded needle is raked across a relatively smooth, flat surface.

The Scratch Tester encased with a cover enclosing the gears and other parts for operating the slide at a constant speed and an arm lifting mechanism.  The needle arm is counterpoised and rigid to prevent whip or chatter at the ball-point.  A 1mm ball ended needle is held in a check at 90° to the test panel and can be easily removed for inspection and replacement.  The needle will provide with care, a long useful life without the need to replace the tip after each test.

Standard test panels (usually metallic) of 150 x 70 mm with thickness up to 1mm can be used.


ISO 1518, 12137-2

ASTM D 2197, D 5178

Technical Specifications

Cat. No. PS 2690
Power Supply 220V AC 50Hz
Needle’s Dia. 1 mm
Loading Range 50-2000 g
Stroke Distance 100 mm
Test Panel Size 150 x 70 mm
Dimensions 380 x 300 x 180 mm
Shipping Weight 30 kg

Comes complete with

Scratch Tester

Spare Needles 2 pcs

Loading Weights: 1000 g/500 g/200 g each 1 unit, 100 g/50 g each 2 units

Application manual

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