WGG60A Intelligent Gloss Meter

60 Glossmeter

The Glossmeter has been the unsurpassed industry standard in gloss measurement for many years, with highest accuracy, easy for use and multiple functionality essential for todays testing requirements.

ISO 2813,7668
ASTMD 523, D 2457


Model: WGG-60A
Long-term Calibration: With automatic check
Auto Range: 0~1000 GU
Repeatability: ±0.2 GU(0~100 GU); ±0.2% (100~1000 GU)
Reproducibility: ±0.5 GU(0~100 GU); ±0.5% (100~1000 GU)
Measuring Area: 15*9 mm
Measuring Time: 0.5 Seconds/Geometry
Continuous: Actual value, average, Min, Max
Menu Guidance: English
Auto Shut time: Selectable
Power Supply: Four 1.5V AA battery or Via Adapter
Dimensions: 163*58*88mm
Shipping Weight: 2Kg

Comes complete with:
Holder with integrated calibration tile
Software and USB cable
Operation Manual
Power Adapter
Carrying Case

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