WSC-S Colorimeter and Color Difference Meter


  • Automatic measurement of the reflected color of substances in forms of board, powder and grain
  • LCD
  • RS232 and printer interface


Parameters/ model WSC-S
Illumination geometric conditions: 0/d
Sample light source: Combination of CIE standard illuminant D65 and 10 wide viewing field, X10 Y10and Z10.
Color representations: (1)Color representations:(1)Color: X, Y, Z; Y, x, y; L*, a*, b*; L, a, b; L*, u*, v*; L*, c*, h*;and Pe
(2)Color- difference: Δ E (L*a*b*); ΔE (L a b); ΔE (L*u*v*);  ΔL*, Δ*, ΔH*
 (a) Ganz whiteness: Binary linear whiteness recommended by CIE.
 (b) Blue-light whiteness: W-B
 (c) Tabble whiteness: It is recommended by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials); W-4B-3G
 (d) Reflection whiteness of R457
Accuracy: ΔY≤3,  Δx≤0.02,  Δy≤0.02
Repeatability: σ u (Y) ≤0.2,  σ u (x) ≤0.003,  σ u (y) ≤0.003
Stability: ΔY≤0.6
Weight (Gross): 17kg
Overall dimensions: 740mm  520mm  260mm
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