The PHB-150 Pin Static Brinell hardness tester is designed following the Brinell hardness test method. The test force is controlled by a shear pin. After reading the diameter of the indention with the reading microscope, the Brinell hardness value can be obtained from the look up table.

This kind of pin Brinell hardness tester is especially suitable for assemblies which are inconvenient to be taken to the lab and not allowed to be cut.

The PHB-150 Pin Static Brinell hardness tester can be widely used to test the hardness of forgings, castings, steels, nonferrous metal and its alloy products, and to test the hardness of annealed, normalizing and tempered mechanical parts.

Compared to the rebound type hardness tester, the pin Brinell portable hardness tester has many advantages such as higher precision, fewer factors affecting accuracy and lower requirement on the surface roughness. The test result meets the requirements of most drawings without conversion and is more widely accepted in the international business.

Feature & Use

  • Test Method: This Brinell hardness machine applies Brinell hardness test method.
  • Flexible Application: Good force value consistency, no influence by operator.
  • High Accuracy: Good repeatability and high accuracy. The accuracy is the same as desk tester. It could replace Leeb hardness tester in low accuracy and reliability.
  • Simple and Flexible Operation: The operation is simple and flexible. It only consumes 1 piece of cheap shear pin for each test.


Test Force: 1,580kgf
Indenter: 7.26mm Steel ball indenter, test range 100~350HBW
4mm Carbide ball Indenter, test range 350~650HBW
Indicator Error: ≤2~3% Comply with ISO, ASTM
Repeatability Error:≤2~3% Comply with ISO, ASTM
Test Range: 100~650HBW
Opening dimension: 150mm (Height) x100mm (Throat Depth)
Net Weight: 4.2Kg
Application: Castings, Forgings, Steel Products, Heat Treatment


Standard accessories

7.26mm steel ball penetrator: 1 pc
Shear pin housing: 1 pc.
Housing: 1 pc.
Handle: 1 pc.
Brinell standardized block: 1 pc.
20X Readout microscope: 1 pc.
Pin: 250 pcs/box
Pin cleaner: 1 pc.

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