• Multi-usage, metallographic specimen of coarse grinding, fine grinding, coarse and fine polishing, one machine to complete.
  • PLC control: all grinding and polishing parameters, such as speed, grinding and polishing time, rotation direction, water valve closing, etc., are automatically saved and easily used.
  • New design of large touch screen interface: convenient setting of grinding and polishing parameters, intuitive state display and simple operation.
  • Manual mode: Four level constant speeds: V1=300rpm, V2=500rpm, V3=600rpm, V4=800rpm (customer can define the speeds for pre-grinding, grinding and polishing by themselves).
  • Automatic mode: Eight sections programmable control, The parameters of each section in automatic mode can be set by the user. Stepless speed regulation can be realized for each grinding and polishing step.
  • The position of water drop can be adjusted by rotation, the water flow can be adjusted. The water flow can be started and stopped automatically at the beginning and end of grinding and polishing process.
  • Equipped with magnetic disc. Easy and quick replacement for abrasive paper or polishing textile on magnetic anti-sticking disc.
  • Equipped with emergency switch.
  • Grinding & polishing disc rotation direction can be switched between clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • By using the electromagnetic valve to control the water on and off
  • By increasing the automatic grinding head, it can be upgraded to automatic polishing machine, automatic processing of six samples at the same time
  • The polishing liquid dispenser can be connected and controlled (optional).
  • The equipment runs stably with low noise, it has beautiful outlook and good quality

Technical specifications

Grinding & polishing disc diameter: 250mm (Optional 230mm, 200mm)
Stepless Speed changing: 100-1000 rpm
FWD & REV rotating directions can be switched)
Four-level constant speed: V1=300rpm, V2=500rpm, V3=600rpm, V4=800rpm (or customizable)
Eight section automatic mode: Programmable eight-section speeds & running time,
disc rotation direction switchable
Motor power: 750W
Power supply: single phase, 220V, 50Hz
Overall Dimensions: 710×670×340mm
Net weight: 35Kg

Standard accessory

Name Quantity Name Quantity
Magnetic working plate (250mm) 1 pc. Anti-sticky disc (250mm) 1 pc.
Clamping ring (250mm) 1 pc. Waterproof ring 1 pc.
One side sticky grinding paper (250mm) 180#, 320#, 600#, 1000# 2 pcs./each One side sticky polishing cloth (250mm), velvet & canvas 1 pc./each
Diamond polishing liquid, 6 micron, 200ml  

1 bottle

Input-water pipe Φ8mm 1 pc.
Output-water pipe Φ25mm 1 pc. Input-water pipe adapter 1 pc.
Touch pen 1 pc. Power cable 1 pc.
Filter screen (60#) 4 pcs. Triangle valve 1 pc.
PTFE tape 1 pc. Rubber washer with filter screen 1 pc.
Pipe clamper 21-44 1 pc. Machine certificate 1 share
Machine manual 1 share Packing list 1 share

Optional Accessory

Metallographic grinding paper GSC250A
  • 100 pieces /package
  • Material: black carborundum
  • Sand size: P80# 120# 180# 320# 600# 800# 1000# 1200# 1500# 2000#
  • Size: Φ250mm
  • Waterproof and one side sticky, can be attached on the grinding plate directly
Anti-sticky disc MAGNOMET
  • Anti-sticky disc: 5 pieces/box
  • Diameter: Φ250mm
  • Surface coating with Special anti-sticky layer, can attach the sticky paper and polishing cloth directly, and easily replace without sticky mark.
  • Can be reused
Polishing cloth FT250A
  • Polishing cloth 10 pieces/package
  • Velvet fabric(long floss) / canvas (short floss)/ Woolen cloth (short floss) / silk cloth (no floss)
  • Φ250mm
  • One side sticky, can be attached directly on the grinding plate
Diamond grinding and polishing liquid DSU
  • Diamond grinding and polishing liquid, 500ml/bottle
  • Diamond suspending in the liquid, can be dropped automatically or watering pot, Uniformly distribution
  • Size: 0.25, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, 15, 20, 28, 40micron, for different material
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