LYZ-2102C Seires Double-layer Shaking Incubator

LYZ-2102C Seires Double-layer Shaking Incubator

★Integrated with incubator and shaker to save space and cost.
★High quality steel shell, polished stainless steel chamber.
★Unique slope design panel with large LCD display, better visual effect.
★With operation data memory and password locking function to eliminate faulty operation.
★ Auto-recovery after power outage or crash as originally programmed, avoiding data loss.
★When the measured temperature deviates from set temperature by 3℃(can be set arbitrarily) will automatically stop heating and send out audible and visual alarms.
★Equipped with strong and fast refrigeration system for instant cooling requirements ,automatic defrost.
★The most advanced large torque motor to ensure continuous work without maintenance.
★With large view window and built-in lighting for easy observation.
★ Equipped with leakage protection.


Universal Tray
2.Stainless steel flask clamp (50ml,100ml,250ml,500ml,1000ml,2000ml,3000ml,5000ml available)


Model LYZ-2102C

(Single door)


(Double door)


(Double door)

Shaking Speed(rpm) 40-300
Speed Accuracy(rpm) ±1
Swing Amplitude(mm) Φ26
Standard Configuration 250ml×12/layer 250ml×35 or500ml×24/layer 250ml×45 or 500ml×37/layer
Maximum Capacity 100ml×56 or 250ml×24 or 500ml×24 or 1000ml×12 250ml×70 or 500ml×48

or 1000ml×24

250ml×90 or 500ml×74

or 1000ml×36 or 5000ml×8

Tray Size(mm 500×350 740×460 970×760
Power Rating(W) 550 750 1420
Temperature Range(℃) 4-60
Temperature Accuracy (℃) ±0.1
Temperature Uniformity(℃)) ±1
Timing Range 1-9999min
Display LCD
Power Supply

AC220V~240V±10% , 50~60HZ

Tray Included 2
Volume W×D×H(mm) 66×44×65(170L) 84×52×64(280L) 109.5×62.5×85(582L)
Exterior Size(W×D×H)mm 70×56×126 95×70×126 120×82×160