KJMR-V 3D Rotation Mixer

3D Rotation Mixer

KJMR-V 3D Rotation Mixer

Product Overview


◎ It can carry out the action of 3D circling rotation with 20˚ tilt angle (can be customized),especially adapted to mixing of samples with low froth,And in process of DNA extracting,staining and decoloration.

◎ Driven by High performance AC Motor, Running stable ,No noise, Long lifetime.

◎ Tight and reasonable structure makes it running stable. adapted to various environment.

◎ Specified anti-slip spike-like pad is adapted to mixing of multiple types of test tubes,centrifuge tubes and tubelar container.


Operation Method:3D Circling Rotation
Input Power:6W
Angle of tilt:20
Working Plate Size:240*170 mm
Max. Loading Weight1.5 Kg
Protective Class:IP21
Motor TypeAC Motor
Permissible Ambient Temp:5~50 Deg.C
Speed Range:20 RPM%
Permissible Relative Moisture:80%
Runing Mode:Continuous
Input Voltage (Frequency)AC220V +/- 10% (50/60Hz)
Net. Weight2.5 Kg

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