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KJ-201A Oscillator (Minim-Oscillator)

Use the silicone tray, which can be used for different culture plates, micro-plate oscillating simultaneously with high effectiveness and speed adjustable. It is the successor to the old products.
Main Technical Data:
Speed adjustable range: 0-2600r/m
Voltage: 220V±10% 50Hz
Power rating: 25 W
Working plate size: 128*86 mm

KJ-202 Oscillator (powder mixer)

It is professional design, there is no shift and noise when it is working, 19 different kinds of bottles can be put in at one time and easy for operation. It can mix the powder medicine clearly within 20 seconds which is hard to dissolve by the normal way, avoid the waste of the medicine. It’s a good helper for the staff in hospitals; it could be used for mixing of samples of liquid sample also, the number and diameter of holes could be customized, to adapt different container’s mix. Time fixed, speed adjustable, could work 12 hours continuously, it is convenient to improve work efficiency.

Main Technical Data:
Speed: >2600 r/m
Output torque: >2800r/m
Power rating: 12W

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