HZQ-3112 Series

Microprocessor controller

Microprocessor controller(with timing function)


* Large LCD screen to display more data at same time, menu-driven interface easy to understand.
* 304 stainless steel platform, easy to remove and clean.
* Automatically saves the date in case of power failure, and run the previous programs after power on Microprocessor controller with timing function and slow starting function to prevent the liquids spilling, also avoid equipment unexpected start and stop Unique design of speed monitoring circuit, it will stop shaking when the speed is too higher too low.
* DC motor with low heat.
* Three eccentric shaft balancing drive ensures that the sample on platform shaking with same speed.
* Programmable controller is option.


Model HZQ-3112
Display Resolution LCD
Rotating Speed 20-300rmp
Speed Accuracy +/-1r/min
Amplitude 35mm/50mm
Timing Range 0~500h
Standard Configuration 500ml*60PCS 500m*60PCS
Maximum Configuration 250ml*48pcs
or 500m*30pcs
or 1000m*20pcs
or 2000ml(12pcs (every desk)
or 500ml*35pcs
or 1000ml*35pcs
or 2000ml*16pcs (every desk)
Platform Size 800mm*600mm 920mm*640mm
Platform Shelves 2 1 2 1
Exterior Dimension 900mm*680mm*680/mm 1060mm*850mm*680/mm
Power Consumption 400W
Electrical Requirement AC220V

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