HZQ-3112 Series Large Lcd Screen Laboratory Orbital Shaker With Double Platform

Microprocessor controller

HZW Series Shaker
HZQ-3112 (Double Layer)
HZQ-3111 (Single Layer)
HZQ-3222(Double Layer)
HZQ-3221 (Single Layer)

HZQ series shaker is an open type oscillation device, which integrates the company’s years of design and manufacturing experience, breaks through the existing defects of domestic shaker that cannot run continuously for a long time, and is applied to cell culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemistry and cell tissue research with high requirements for oscillation frequency. It can be used for the motion and static cultivation of microorganism cells and various kinds of bacteria, especially suitable for medium test and large-scale production in the pharmaceutical field.

Product features:
◆ Humanized design
● Quiet operation, creating a better environment for you.
● Large LCD display screen, multiple sets of data displayed on one screen, menu-style operation interface, simple and clear.
● The oscillation table surface is made of stainless steel, which is easy to remove and clean.
● A variety of racks and clamps are available for selection, and the racks and clamps are easy to replace, greatly improving work efficiency.

◆ Quality assurance
● User-set parameters can be automatically stored in the event of a sudden power outage, and the original set program can be run after power is restored.
● This device uses microcomputer control to regulate frequency, has a timer function, and a gentle oscillation start-up function to prevent sample spillage from the vessel.
● It also has a speed monitoring circuit that will stop oscillation if the speed is too fast or too slow, ensuring safe operation.
● It also has a low heat, brushless DC motor with a large starting torque and wide speed range, allowing for continuous operation. It also has a three eccentric shaft balance drive technology to ensure that samples on the oscillation tray oscillate at the same speed.
● It has a multi-stage programmable control (optional) with simultaneous display of preset and running values, simplifying complex cultivation requirements and enabling automatic control and operation.


Model HZQ-3112
(Double Layer)
(Single Layer)
(Double Layer)
(Single Layer)
Display Mode LCD
Rotating Speed / Amplitude 40-300 rpm/35mm
Standard Configuration 500ml×60Pcs
(One Platform 30 Pcs)
500ml×30 Pcs 1000ml×70 Pcs
(One Platform 35 Pcs)
Platform Size 800mm×600mm 1020×700(mm)
Platform Number 2 1 2 1
Exterior Dimension
895×740×900 895×740×460 1115×835×900 1115×835×460
Power Consumption AC220V  50HZ/250W


Max Capacity:

250(ml) 500(ml) 1000(ml) 2000(ml)
HZQ-3111 (Single Layer)
\ HZQ-3112 (Double Layer)
48 30 20 12
HZQ-3221 (Single Layer)
\ HZQ-3222 (Double Layer)
63 35 35 16
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