JY-CZ-B Rapid SSR Vertical Electrophoresis

* Abundant buffer not only guarantees cooling effects but also keeps the pH Value stable during the whole experimental process.
* With special gel caster, and realize the integrated casting gel, Avoid the damage of gel out of the second movement.
* Cam fastening methods, this is the way to make the process of installing glass plate becomes very simple.
* Gel area optimization, sample design is reasonable, the electrophoresis tank is widely used in the SSR amplification products of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) detection.
* Switching off when opening the lid, safe electrical cables and made the operation simpler.

Glass plate size: 214×200 mm.
Gel size: 186×95 mm.
Sample volume: 25, 40, 52
Buffer Volume: 1800ml.

Recommended matched power supply: JY300C/JY600C

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