HZL-350 Digital Dough Tensile Analyzer

HZL-350 Electronic Extensometer is an electronic dough extensometer. It is mainly used to measure the strength of flour gluten and the improvement effect of flour improvers. It uses high-performance and high-precision load cell to measure the resistance of dough.

Measuring principle of electronic extensometer

After the wheat flour is kneaded with salt water in the flourometer kneading bowl to form a dough, knead the ball in the extensometer, knead the strips, and wake up the dough at a constant temperature. Then place the jig containing the dough on the measuring system bracket and pull the rod. The noodle hook and the noodle hook move down at a fixed speed, and the noodle hook is used to stretch the dough. The dough is deformed by the pulling force until it breaks. The recorder automatically records the tensile resistance and the change of the stretch caused by the force. The obtained stretch curve evaluates the properties of the dough such as tensile resistance and elongation.

Functional characteristics

1. Drawer type wake-up box, with spring and oil damping guide rail, opening softly and smoothly.
2. The closed arc shape has the function of dustproof and heat preservation, and the appearance is beautiful, stable and generous.
3. Simultaneously display up to 5 sets of stretching curves for easy comparison of differences.
4. The result is in the format of the Access database for easy reference.
5. The electronic sensor measures the tensile resistance, which is accurate and reliable.
6. The program automatically zero-point calibration and automatically starts drawing.
7. The electronic dough stretcher computer collects and analyzes the data, which is concise and efficient.

 Technical Parameters

Sample weight 300g flour+6g salt+distilled water
Rotating speed of kneader 83±2r/min, stop automatically after 20r
Rotating speed of sliver  15±1r/min
Ramen hook speed 1.45±0.05cm/s
Unit resistance 12.3±0.3mN/Eu
Tensile test method  electronic pressure sensor
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