Sterilizers and Autoclaves

Sterilizers and Autoclaves are designed to sterilize instruments and waste materials. Our products include vertical autoclaves, tabletop autoclave, horizontal autoclave, inoculation loop sterilizers, replacement parts, and accessories used to facilitate.

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Digital LCD display.
Pressure: 0.22Mpa
Temp: 105~134°C

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24L (Ø270 * 410mm)
105°C ~ 134°C

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18L (φ280*260 mm)
0.14~0.16 MPa

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150L, 200L, 280L
0.22 MPa
40℃ – 134℃

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Vacuum Steam Sterilizer

Bacti Cinerator Sterilizer


20L, 24L
Standard Class B

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Central High-temperature : 825±50°C
Max-diameter: Φ14mm/Φ35mm

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Hinotek is leading manufacturer and supplier of Autoclave to the Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemical and Academic Research industries throughout the world.

Our Autoclaves are manufactured with efforts of our dedicated engineers, who have years of experience in  manufacturing the laboratory products like Microscope, Spectrophotometer, Autoclave, Centrifuge and other equipment. We keep ourselves updated with advanced technology and ensure to incorporate them in our laboratory equipment. Our unmatched technology, strong workforce, and quality testing keep us ahead of our competitors. Our manufactured Autoclave is safe, lightweight, robust, easy to operate and equipped with research-grade optics.