Our Target

HINOTEK was founded in 2002, we are a professional export company of laboratory instruments in China, and it is specialized in fields of laboratory instrument, medical instruments and consumables, we provide competitive solutions, products and service of laboratory for our distributors and terminal customers, and engaged in promoting industrial level of different states. At present, our business has covered over 170 states and areas, and we serve for hundreds of distributors in the whole world.

What will we bring to the world?

1. Create value for distributors. We construct sales network, help thousands of plants, schools and hospitals to set up their laboratories together with our distributors in the whole world. We assist high-effective operation and agile innovation with rapid response, diversified choice, effective service and affordable price to help schools to develop laboratory teaching, cultivate students’ practical capacity and comprehensive quality, and help hospitals to diagnose diseases more rapidly together with our distributors. Our products are helping people to enjoy high quality work, life and learning.

2. Promote good development of the industry. We advocate openness, cooperation and win-win to cooperate with partners and companions to innovate and expand industrial value, form healthy industrial ecological system. We unite with plants and distributors that aspire to manufacturing and sales of laboratory instruments to develop, produce and sell products together, cooperate and promote sustainable good development of the industry.

3. Promote economic growth. We will not only bring excellent laboratory instruments that are affordable to the local state, but also promote local industrial development, help them establish effective plants, promote economic growth and enhance people’s life quality and wellness.

4. Promote sustainable development of the society. As a responsible enterprise citizen, we are dedicated to eliminate division between the global education and medical care, enhance local educational level, and cultivate talents that adapt to requirement of social development.

We do we stick to?
We have stuck to focus on the main channel, refusing opportunism, encourage to invest for long term, and accumulate; Stick to focus on customers, and go along the road of building a more beautiful world.