XK97-A Colony Counter

Xk97-a colony counter is A digital display type semi-automatic bacterial testing instrument. It is composed of counter, probe and counter pool. The counter is designed and manufactured by CMOS integrated circuit. In the black deep background counting tank, the side lighting of the energy-saving annular fluorescent lamp is adopted, and the colony comparison is clear. According to the bacterial count test procedure, the instrument display is designed with three digits. When the number of colony growth in a petri dish exceeds 300, the test sample should be diluted and redone to ensure the accuracy of the count. This instrument can lighten the labor intensity of the experimenter, improve the work efficiency and work quality. Products are widely used in food, beverage, drugs, biological products, sanitary products, drinking water, industrial waste water, clinical specimens in the number of bacteria test. It is a necessary instrument for health and epidemic prevention stations, environmental monitoring stations, food and hygiene supervision and inspection stations, hospitals, biological products laboratories, drug testing stations, food factories, daily chemical plants, universities and research institutes.

Main parameters

Counter capacity 0 ~ 999
 Power of light source lamp 16W
Total power consumption < 20W
Power supply voltage 220V± 10%, 50 hz
Size 280 & times; 230 & times; 90
Weight 2 kg

Application method

A. Switch on the power supply and turn on the light in the counting pool. Throughout 001 &; Insert the probe plug into the socket of the instrument and press. Reset & throughout; Set the key to zero to make the instrument work.
B. put in the culture dish to be tested.
C. count the colonies one by one on the bottom of the petri dish with a probe pen. Every point should be heard. Du & throughout; Sound just explains effective, otherwise should focal point. At this point, the colony at the point is colored and the Numbers add up automatically.
D. check carefully with a magnifying glass to make sure that no omissions are found and that the count is complete.
E. the number in the display screen is the colony number of the petri dish.
F. record the Numbers and remove the petri dish. According to the & other; Reset & throughout; Key, screen into the initial state.


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