TZL-1 Bench Total Phosphorus Tester


Phosphorus is a key element for water eutrophication. In order to protect water quality and control hazards, total phosphorus
has been included in the monitoring items in the water environment testing.

Total phosphorus includes water-soluble, suspended, organic phosphorus and inorganic phosphorus, so the unfiltered water sample
is digested. Digestion is a method of converting various forms of phosphorus in water into soluble inorganic phosphates.
There are many methods of digestion, and users can choose by themselves according to the regulations.
The total phosphorus detector can measure the content of inorganic phosphate in the digested aqueous solution.

Principle of the detector:
This instrument uses the microcomputer photoelectron colorimetric detection principle to replace the traditional
visual colorimetric method. Elimination of human error, so the measurement resolution is greatly improved.

Technical indicators

 Measurement range 0-1.5mg/L
Power supply voltage  220V
 Resolution 0.01mg/L
Repeatability 3%
Linear error  + / – (5% FS+)


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