HZQW_JPB-607A Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

HZQW_JPB-607A portable intelligent dissolved oxygen analyzer (hereinafter referred to as the instrument) is mainly designed for the convenience of users to carry to the field operation. The instrument can be divided into two parts: sensor and electronic unit. The sensor adopts polarographic coated dissolved oxygen electrode. The electronic unit is composed of high integrated circuits. The instrument adopts the lattice liquid crystal display, which can show the dissolved oxygen value and temperature.

Dot matrix backlight LCD display
Automatic temperature compensation and fast response time
Portable, easy to carry
Dissolved oxygen electrode (polarographic coated type)
Main technical indexes:
1. Measurement range:
Dissolved oxygen :(0.0 ~ 20.0)mg/L
The temperature (0 ~ 40 ° C)
2. Basic error: Dissolved oxygen: plus or minus 0.3mg/L; Temperature: + 1 ° C for
3. Residual current: not greater than 0.15mg/L
4, the response time: not more than 30 s (20 ° C at 90% response)
5, automatic temperature compensation scope: (0 ~ 40 ° C)
6. Electric source: 4 no. 7 alkaline batteries
7. External dimension (mm) : 180 x 80 x 30
8. Weight: 1kg


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