WJX-1 Hemoglobinometer


WJX-1 Hemoglobinometer

Automatic Electric Hemoglobin-Meter is a latest generation clinical testing instrument adopted microcomputer, and high intelligence system. It upgrades the single function, simulative hemoglobin meter. This instrument is especially suitable for the hospitals, laboratories, health care organizations and medical universities.

The instrument uses the reliable semiconductor photoelectric colorimetry system, and specially designed electrical circle as well as computer measuring system, which can test and show the hemoglobin value in the blood sample.

The panel is made of the waterproof film with the soft touching keys, making the operation more reliable, more comfortable, pretty out shape and never wearing out.
And surface can also be sterilized.


Measuring Range
Linear Range
≤5% FS
Dilution Ratio
Testing Time
≤4S (maximum absorption)
≤1 g/L/h (25±10°C)
Continuous Working time
>10 hours
Standard setting
0~240g/L adjustable (whole number times of ten)
Sample Absorption
1~9ml, ten grades adjustable
Packing Quantity
Packing Measurement:
54 * 31 * 33 CM


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