HZQW_WGG-60 Gloss Meter

WGG-60 (series) gloss meter is designed and manufactured according to international standard ISO-1813 and national standard GB/T 9754. The technical parameters are in line with the standards of ASTM D2457, ASTM D523, and GB/T13891, GB/T 7706 and GB/T 8807. All the technical indexes meet the requirements of JJG 696-2002 “mirror gloss meter and glossiness plate” metrological verification.

Main applications:

The measurement of the surface gloss of paint, baking paint, ink, paint, etc.; Building decoration materials, such as tiles, stone, such as surface gloss measurement; Measure the surface gloss of bamboo, paper and plastics; Measurement of non – metallic and metallic surface gloss.

Main technical parameters:

Reading range 0~199.9GU
Measurement range :0~150.0GU
Dividing value 0.1 GU
Error of indication :+/- 1.2GU
Zero error 0.2gu
Stability 0.4 GU
Projection Angle 60 degrees
Power supply two batteries
Weight 0.3 kg
Size 129 * 45 * 73 mm


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