HZQW_PHS-25C Desktop Digital Display PH meter

An overview of the

PHS digital display acidity meter is a high-precision instrument for measuring PH value in laboratory. It has dual functions of PH and mV. The E201 composite electrode was used for fast reaction and good stability. This series of instruments are widely used in scientific research, teaching, agriculture and many other disciplines and fields.

The working principle of

The activity of hydrogen ions in aqueous solution is converted into electric energy by A sensor (pH composite electrode), which is input to the instrument. After operation, discharge and detection, A/D is converted into digital display. The above electrical energy conforms to nernst equation:

Technical parameters and working conditions

function The pH/mV
Measuring range (0.00 ~ 14.00) pH (0 ~ ± 1999) mV
The resolution of the0. 01 pH 1 mv The accuracy of & plusmn; 0. 01 Ph1% F· s.& plusmn; 0. 02 Ph1% F· s.& plusmn; 0. 05 Ph1% F· s.
Temperature compensation (0 ~ 60 ℃)
The stability of & plusmn; 0. 01 pH / 12 h
The environment temperature (5 ~ 45 ℃)
Relative humidity & le; 85% RH
The temperature of the solution under test (0 ~ 60 ℃)
The power supply AC (220 v & plusmn; 22) V (50 & plusmn; 0.5)Hz has no significant vibration and strong magnetic field interference


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