WDZX-200L/WDZX-300L Horizontal Steam Sterilizer

Intelligent microcomputer control system
Using LED digital control system; After sterilization finished, sterilizer will automatic alarm and shut down.

Interlock device
The control system can real time supervision the sterilizer chamber’s temperature and pressure. Only under the safety temperature and pressure can open the sterilizer’s cover. Make sure the operator’s safety.

The structure of cover’s opening:
Using 8 rotary extendable stick to improve sealing and safety performance.

Preset program
Can preset fixed program that sterilized solid body.

Memory storage system
Store the last operation program so convenient next. operation.

Exhaust steam control:
after sterilization, exhaust steam valve should be opened (Digital display screen reminds exhaust steam) when sterilization time run out.

Interface check
provide temperature and pressure check interface; convenient to check multiple position temperature measurement.

Digital display screen
Digital display screen and working indicator light display running state.

Safety devices:
Interlock device, overtemperature and over pressure protecting system, burned protection, safety relief valve current leakage protector and automatic fault detection.

Print function (add configuration)
Print the current temperature and sterilization time.

Technical Parameter

Parameter/ model  WDZX-120L WDZX-200L WDZX-300L
Configuration Semi-automatic control Semi- automatic control Semi automatic control
The main material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Volume/GW 120/225Kg 200/300Kg 300/333Kg
Voltage /Power 380V/2.5Kw x 3 380V / 3.0Kw x 3 380V/ 4.0Kw x 3
Packing size(L X W X H mm) 1340 x 730 x 1700 1640 x 830 x 1800 1640 x 930 x 1900
Product size(L X W X Hmm) 1220 x 620 x 1540 1550x 720 x 1640 1550 x 820 x 1740
Sterilization chamber volume (D X H mm) 400 x 960 500 x 1120 600 x 1240
Basket size(upper length x upper width x lower length x lower width x height mm) 380 x 340 x 380 x 225 x 140 480 x 440 x 480 x 250 x 195 500 x 540 x 500 x 300 x 230
Time setting range 0-99 h 0-99 h 0-99 h
Rated working pressure 0.217Mpa 0.217Mpa 0.217Mpa
Sterilization temperature setting range 50˜134°C 50˜134°C 50˜134°C

Scope of application
This type of product meets the national provision of pressure vessel design standard. Our factory has obtained the necessary license of sterilize products and certificate of State Food and Drug Administration, This horizontal pressure steam sterilizer is a new type of product from our factory. The product has the safety of structural design, and simple mode of operation, and all necessary control functions. The sterilizer is equipped with interlocking device. The cover is locked when it has pressure in the chamber. No heating after operating mistake. The main part of the sterilizer is made of stainless steel. The product meets the national standard for medical operations. It is an ideal product to sterilizing instrument, dressing medicine, glassware, culture medium at the medical health care, universities and colleges, biological research, food and chemical industry.

Sterilization principle
Pressure Steam Sterilizer is designed for the use of the heat to kill microorganisms principle. Sterilization principle is to use the principle of gravity displacement of the steam from the top down in the sterilizer, the cool air is discharge from the vent, replaced by cold air discharge saturated steam, the use of the latent heat released by steam sterilization to achieve the article. The advantage of using steam heat sterilization method that has a strong bactericidal effect. which can increase the water content of bacterial protein making it easy to solidification due to heat, the acceleration process dead microorganisms.

Product Standard
Q31/0114000133C003-2015 “Horizontal Pressure Steam Sterilizer”


1. Rotary structure of fast openings 8. Sterilization temperature setting range (50˜134°C)
2. Automatic control of the sterilization cycle program 9. Double scale numerical indication pressure gauge
3. Interactive safety interlock device 10. Self inflating type seal
4. Water supply cut protecting equipment 11.Sterilization end automatic alarm
5. Digital window display working status 12.Printer (option)
6. Time setting range (0-99hours) 13. Inner loop exhaust system
7. The work pressure is 0.217Mpa 14. Touch Operation

Technical Parameters

Configuration Semi-automatic control Volume/GW 120L/230Kg
Power 380V/7.5Kw The main material/
Thickness  (mm)
stainless steel/3.0
Sterilization chamber
Volume  (mm)
Φ400×960 Packing size  (mm) 1160x622x1550

Main parts

QTY              NAME QTY NO                 NAME QTY
1. Door interlock switch 1 2 Switch/DC24V ≥500mA 1
3. Solid-state relay/ 440V   40A 1 4 Heater/2.5Kw 3
5. Safety valve 1 6 Relief valve 1
7 Pressure gauge 1 8 Seal ring 1
9. Computer board 1 10 Power fuse/RT-18  AC380V 3
11. Temperature sensor/PT100 1 12 Fuse/AC250V  2A 1


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