UH Series Ultrasonic Processors


The ultrasonic power supply generates high-frequency electrical signals, which is applied to the piezoelectric crystals within the converter, where it is changed to mechanical vibrations. The longitudinal vibrations are amplified by the probe and transmitted to the cleaning liquids, which consist of alternate compression and rarefaction. These pressure fluctuations give birth to microscopic bubbles, which expand during the negative pressure excursions and implode violently during the positive excursions. As the bubbles collapse, millions of shock waves, eddies, and extremes in pressures and temperatures are generated at the implosion sites. These of the high pressure and temperature can be effectively used to obtain cleaning results.

The ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be widely applied to electronic components, silicon of the semiconductor, electronic board, optical lenses, audio magnetic head, electronic device, camera device, communication equipment, medical equipment, medical operation device, glass device, fine mechanical components, Biology HPLC, physics, chemistry, and medicine. Tianjin auto science AS serial ultrasonic cleaners provides customs three different serials with more than fifty specifications.
Precise convenient digital displaying and controlling.
Variable power output safe control to protect samples.
Output amplitude can be adjusted from 0% to 100%.
The operation made easy by the visual light bar that displays working power.
Two options available: Interval pulse modulate and constant output.
The pulse width and interval time can be set by an independent on/off pulsar from 0.1 to10 sec during the interval pulse working.

External control interface is available for high-level operation.

The specification & ordering information
1. ‘Timer’ display window show you minute (0-99 minutes) and second (0-59 seconds).
2. ‘Timer’ has 4 function keys that two keys under ‘minutes’ are to increase and decrease the time in the minute and the two keys under second are to for adjusting the seconds.
3. ‘Pulse’ display window: on the left side show you the mode of On/Off and pulse width, range from 0.1 to 9.9 second expressed. by ‘  ‘. When display ‘Cont’ means continues work mode.
4.  Pulse has 4 fks two keys on the left side are to set the width of the pulse. And then on the right side are to set interval of the pulse two keys.
5. ‘Mode’: The option for continues output work mode or pulse output work mode.
6. ‘Start/Stop’: Start to work or stop.
7.’Intensity display’: Ultrasonic output intensity display window which gives you the range from 0-100%.
8.’ Max. Intensity’ Ultrasonic output intensity limitation key can be divided by four levels 20%, 35%, 60%, and 100%.
9. ‘Intensity’: Ultrasonic output intensity can be adjusted from 0-100% range ultrasonic output intensity key.
10. ‘Tune’: Ultrasonic output frequency adjustment. No adjustment required unless you change the amplitude rod.
11. ‘Stand by’ indicator: When power has been connected but the Power is not in On position the ‘Standby’ indicator light is on When the ‘Power’ switch to ‘ON’ position, ‘standby’ indicator light is off.
12. ‘Power’: switch to ‘ON’ turn on the power, otherwise turn off the power.

1  Converter Model CV33
2  Four element coupler
3  1/8′ (3mm) stepped micro tip
4  Booster
5  1/2′ (13mm)  solid probe
1/2′ (13mm) with threaded end and replaceable tip
3/4′ (19mm)  solid probe
3/4′ (19mm) with threaded and replaceable tip
1′ (25mm) solid probe
1′ (25mm) with threaded and replaceable tip
6  1/2′ (13mm) replaceable tip
3/4′ (19mm) replaceable tip
1′ (25mm) replaceable tip
7  Coupler
8  1/8′ (3mm)  stepped micro tip
9  1/2′ (13mm)    with threaded end and replaceable tip
10  1/8′ (3mm)  tapered micro tip
3/16′ (5mm) tapered micro tip
/4′ (6mm)  tapered micro tip
11  Probe – solid or with threaded end and replaceable tip – same as 5
12  Replaceable tip same as 6
13  1/2′ (13mm) half wave extender 5′
3/4′ (19mm) half wave extender 5′
1′ (25mm) half wave extender 5′
14  3/4′ (19mm) full wave extender 10′
1′ (25mm)  full wave extender 10′
3/4′ (19mm) solid high gain probe
3/4′ (19mm) high gain probe with threaded and replaceable tip
1′ (25mm) solid high gain probe
1′ (25mm) high gain probe with threaded and replaceable tip
15  Replaceable tip 3/4′ (19mm) or 1′ (25mm) – same as 6

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