Column Heater


Super-size of the column heater: Ambient size: 145mmW × 380 mm H ×110 mm D.
Note: Height (H) can be chosen by three different sizes.
Big power of the fan speed up the healing process: the functionary of the fan makes complete circulation of the heat. Accurate temperature control and display: microprocessor controlled temperature device has two 3 digital LED display make the temperature control accuracy to +0.1℃.
Fast installation:
Easy monitor: provide a watch window on the heated ambient to monitor the heating process.
Leaking Box: provide a box under the heater to prevent liquid leaking.
Smooth pipe: make a smooth connection with input and output port to guaranty that liquid pass through.Filled with liquid, the Unified design makes this column heater’s arrangement flexible with the horizontal or vertical setting.
Accurate temperature control and display: 2 four-digit LED display can make temperature control accuracy to 0.1C
Fast and easy column installation: Magnetic blocks create makes the closing of the column heater’s cover more convenient.
Transparent window allows vision inside of they HPLC column.A container placed under heating chamber can prevent liquid from leaking.
Provides stainless clamp holder inside heating chamber to make it easier for installing the column under heat.
Provide a smooth connection between input and output ports to guarantee that liquid passes through.
Provide additional large-size base that can be mounted with column heater once required to stabilize the column heater. Can be vertically placed on the chassis.
Convenient sample inserting valve component kits: Sample-inserting valve can be fixed at any height of the column headers.Type: AT-630Temperature:   85℃Temperature setting range:  0.1℃Temperature Accuracy: ±0.3℃

Temperature stability: ±0.2℃

Caving Size:  145H*380W*110D

Power: 300W

Column installed: 1~2

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