Solvent Recycler

SRJ-20A Recovery Instrument

Recyclable mobile phase over 90%

Manual Control and remote-control functions by the user to force recycling or waste mobile phase

The four threshold settings can precisely control the recovery of the mobile phase purity.

Delay time can be set to 10-90 seconds, the valve action.

The choice of third gear the input electrical signal suitable for a variety of liquid detector.

Detector signal polarity and level changes in the instrumentation process by LED light tubes and light with instructions.

Can track the automatic zero setting of the baseline drift.

SRJ-20A solvent recovery instrument addition allows you to quickly recover your investment, but also can permanently save you the time of the liquid system of user fees and the deployment of the solvent, but also reduces the environmental pollution caused by waste.

Recycle Valve: Electric double-valve, liquid contact parts for PEEK and TFE materials, ports for 1/16″, 1/4″ -28 fittings

Maximum flow rate:  50ml/min

Analog signal input amplitude:   10mV/100mV and 1V

Display: LED digital display

Zero set: automatic zero setting

Power supply: 13.5V DC/ 500mA

Dimensions (mm) : 140W x 185L x 63H

Weight (kg) : 1.0″>


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