TLW5R Table Milk Cream Centrifuge

Max Speed: 1500RPM
Speed Type: Table Milk Cream Centrifuge

TLW5R Table milk cream centrifuge

Special equipment for analysis of milk and dairy hygiene standards, less time-consuming, less use of organic reagents, suitable for rapid production detection. It is suitable for the measurement and analysis of the fat in milk and dairy products after separating per the Gerber method. It has the function of heating and constant temperature, and the temperature is kept above 50°C. This not only reduces the time of sample water bath, but also makes the test result more reliable. It is mainly suitable for physical and chemical testing of dairy products, and is a common equipment for dairy product inspection. Gem’s milk fat meter for GB 5009.6-2016 National Food Safety Standard for Determination of Fat in Foods method to measure fat content.


Model TLW5R
Operation way of the Rotor Angle
Centrifugal tube count 8pcs Gerber fat measurement unit
Max speed (r/min) 1500
Max Rcf (Xg) 420
Speed accuracy ±50r/min
Temperature control range indoor~+65℃
Timer 1-99h59min/Series/Short-time centrifugation
Control and driving system high-torque DC brushless motor, microcomputer control
Total Power 1.5 KW
Noise ≤60 dB
Power supply AC220V 50HZ
Net weight 35 Kg
Size (L X W X H) 520 X 415 X 330 mm


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