TGL20MW Tabletop High Speed Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge

Max Capacity: 6x250ml
Max Speed: 20600RPM
Speed Type: Tabletop Large Capacity High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge
Temp Control: Refrigerated


1.Brushless motor with high torque and variable frequency motor of Microchip
2.The special driven module of FAIRCHILD’S  ,it’s reliability
3.Multiple protection measures : Over speed,over temperature,imbalance 
4.large capacity benchtop centrifuge TGL20MW Shocking proof motor ,and 3 steels protection cover,make the operation safety.
5.TFT true color touch monitor display,intelligent control plate,easy to operate.
6.Can display RCF&RPM changable.
7.With motor gate lock mute mechanical&electrical integration with emergency lock
8. 20 kinds of programmes 
9. 10 levels accerlation and deccelation
10. Max Speed: 20600r/min,max RCF:29400xg
11. Max capacity : 4*250ml


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