TGL-18C Tabletop High Speed Centrifuge

TGL-18C High-Speed Desk-top Centrifuge

Compressor, drive system use converter brushless motor, it can use in Medicine, agriculture, and other fields of science experiments, analytical work, in the genes, proteins nucleic acids and other research.

1. Small size, and elegant shape, it is with low noise, high separation efficiency, high precision.
2. Use converter brushless motor and electronic door.
3. It uses advanced technology nanotechnology.
4. The body was made of metal.
5. Patented
* Cutting-edge equipment:
* All computer control variable-frequency motor, with precise run speed.
* Self-control electronic door lock.
* Elastic Open type hinged, the door can stay on any angle.
* Have damping device and automatic adjustment of motor imbalance.

Timer Range: 0min ~ 99min
Noise: Power: 220v 50Hz (110V option)
Whole Power: 250Ww
Speed range: 100~18000 RPM
Rotate Speed Precision:

Model TGL-18C
Rotor 1 Angel 1.5ml*12 (21000*g, 18000 RPM)
Rotor 2 Angel 75ml*8 (14243*g, 14000 RPM)
Rotor 3 Angel 5ml*10 (13850*g, 14000 RPM)

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