SZC-50 Vacuum Seed Counter

Grain Moisture Meter


  • Specially used for several kinds of seed germination test, absorbing and planting
  • Consist of three parts workbench, extended straw, and tip
  • It takes use of high-speed vacuum axial flow fan, strong suction, maximum vacuum up to 24 kPa, low noise
  • The body has a built-in dirt isolation bag, which can easily remove the debris and moisture sucked into the fuselage
  • The outside of the fuselage is equipped with a button control switch, equipped with 5 suction heads, its size and specifications are matched with the domestic common germination box to meet the needs of different seed germination tests.
  • The bottom of the bed is equipped with pulleys, flexible movement

Technical parameter

Suction head 2 large size, 2 small size and 1 round shape
Power supply 1440W
Working Accuracy AC220V 50Hz
Adjusted range 300W-1400W
Environmental temperature <40°C
Size 90x55x80CM
Gross weight 80kg


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