STM-2T Strmer Viscometer

Control / display mode: 5 inch color touch screen
speed (r/min): 200±0.1
measuring range: 40.2KU – 141.0KU
32g – 1099g
27 – 5250CP

The perfect integration of touch screen technology, high technology in a modern fashion to fast, accurate and convenient measurement of paint, paint or ink viscosity. Powerful, high degree of intelligence. 5 inch color touch screen full, vivid display of various parameters and working conditions. With rich content, convenient operation, high measurement accuracy, good repeata-bility, stable speed, obvious advantages of strong anti-jamming performance.

1. main features:
① The operation interface is simple and clear, and the viscosity test can be done quickly and conveniently through the creation of test program and data analysis;
② Viscosity measurement accuracy: automatic calibration by computer, high pre-cision, small error;
③ The display rich content: in addition to KU, G, CP of the three commonly used parameters, and temperature measurements for the full-scale value percentage (graphics), viscosity curve, range overflow alarm, timing, clock date, etc.;
④ Timing measurement: very practical. We measured the paint, ink, paint is a typical non Newtonian fluid, the viscosity and temperature on the outside (except the temperature rise, but also with the decrease of viscosity) measurement time length. The paint has ink and paint is shear thinning characteristics, the longer the time of measurement of viscosity the smaller, if the viscosity of samples of the same class are comparable, the measurement time must be the same;
⑤ USB interface,insert U disk to copy measurement data directly(optional)
⑥ Self built 30 sets of test procedures: can be compiled, can quickly call;
⑦ Access to 30 sets of measurement data and curves; stored in the viscometer, the data include sample name, KU, G, CP value, measurement date, etc.;
⑧ The real-time display of the viscosity curve: on the screen at any time watch;
⑨ Can connect micro printer and computer: there are two interfaces, serial con-nection computer, parallel port connection printer;
⑩ The front level: the rotor is vertically placed in the sample, it is important to the accuracy of measurement data. Through the observation level in front of the three foot level, which can conveniently adjust the base level of the bubble will be ad-justed to the middle position (the current domestic Stormer viscometer on the market are not level regulating device);
⑪ Rich optional accessories: temperature probe, viscometer thermostat, constant temperature cup, printer, standard viscosity sample, etc.;

STM-2T Strmer viscometer is widely used to determine the paint, ink, paint or other KU values to represent the viscosity of the industry, in line with interna-tional standards ASTM, D562 and GB9296 and other related standards.


Model STM-2T
Control / display mode 5 inch color touch screen
Speed(r/min) 200±0.1
measuring range 40.2KU – 141.0KU
32g – 1099g
27 – 5250CP
Measurement accuracy ±3%
measurement reproducibility ±1.5%
Measuring container 1 pint
timing Flexible setting according to sample situation
temperature measurement Standard temperature probe interface (need to match temperature probe)
Self built measurement procedure Can save 30 sets (including sample, measurement time, date)
Save the measurement results 30 sets of data (including KU, G, cP, time, curves, etc.) can be saved
viscograph Real time display viscosity curve
Print Data, curves can be printed (need to choose printers)
data output interface USB interface: insert U disk to copy data directly (optional)
RS232 interface: connectable computer
Thermostatic unit Options (including special viscometer thermostatic bath, thermostatic cup)
working power supply 110V / 60Hz or 220V / 50Hz
outline dimension 300 × 300 × 450(mm)

Optional Parts:

Prior to the factory with a variety of Brookfield company’s KU value of the stand-ard viscosity liquid correction, accurate data, good repeatability.

② Micro thermal printer
Can be directly connected with the viscometer, print data and curve

③ Special thermostatic bath for meter (dual-purpose refrigeration and heating)
Cold with compression mechanism, maximum temperature to 100℃, according to machine.The minimum
temperature of different models is also different (-15,-10,-5).145*145 opening size, with stainless steel partition, can be placed in 500 ml of ordinary beaker.

Common model DC0506W.
Temperature range -5℃ to 100℃,
Temperature control accuracy 0.1℃.


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