CJ-NDJ-79A Digital Rotational Viscometer

CJ- NDJ-79A Digital Viscometer

1. Summary

This viscometer is the upgraded instrument of the NDJ-79 rotational viscometer. It can be used to determine the absolute viscosity of Newtonian liquids and apparent viscosity of Non-Newtonian liquids.

The instrument adopts advanced mechanical design technology and manufacturing process, using microcomputer technology to control speed, collect data and process data.Equipped with high-light LCD screen and micro-needle printer.The test data can show on the screen real time and also output by the printer.In addition, the instrument can also connect with PC via the RS232 communication port.

The instrument has the characteristics of high sensitivity, reliability, convenience and good looking.It can be widely used to determine the viscosity of liquids such as greases, oil paints, plastics, Pharmaceutics, coatings, adhesives, detergents, and other fluids.

2. Main technical specifications and parameters

1. Measurement range: 1 mPa.s~1*106 mPa.s
2. Spindle: Unit II 1# 10# 100#
                  Unit III 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.5, seven in total.
3. Spindle speed: 7.5~750r/min step-less speed regulating
4. Measuring accuracy: ±2%(F.S)
5. Power supply: AC 220V/110V
6. Working environment:
(1) Ambient temperature: 5~35°C
(2) Relative humidity:  <80%

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