Feature & Use

  • Small volume, convenient for carrying, easy operation
  • Using advanced technologies, the hardness of materials can be accurately measured.
  • When the battery voltage is lower than the specified value, it will alarm automatically.
  • Digital display, no parallax.
  • With the optional USB cable and software / bluetooth adaptor and software, it can communicate with PC computer and realize the functions of data acquisition, processing, analysis and printing.
  • With automatic shutdown function, power saving.
  • Precision conforms to GB/T 531-1999, GB/T 2411-80, etc.

It can be used to determine the Shore hardness number of rubber, plastic materials precisely. It is the ideal measuring instrument for using on the spot.



Display parameter: Hardness value / Average value / Max. value
Measuring unit: HA (HB / HC / HD / HE / HDO / HO / HOO)
Displaying range: 0-100 HA (HB / HC / HD / HE/ HDO / HOO)
Measuring range: 10-90 HA (HB / HC / HD / HE/ HDO / HOO)
Measuring accuracy: ≤ ± 1H
Hardness resolution: 0.1H
Low voltage prompt: Available
Automatic shutdown: Available
Working environment: Temperature 0-40 °C, Humidity: <80% RH
Power supply: 2 pcs. of AAA batteries
Dimensions: 176 x 65 x 27mm
Weight: approx. 170g

Standard accessories

Main unit
Calibration block
Carrying case

Optional accessories

Shore hardness test stand
USB cable & software
Blue-tooth adaptor & software

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