HARTIP 1500 is an integrated handheld metal hardness tester that combines impact device (probe) and processor into one unit. The size is much shorter than normal impact device, which lets HARTIP 1500 can meet not only normal measurements, but can take measurements at narrowed space as well. HARTIP 1500 is suitable for testing hardness of almost all Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials. It can be used for industrial of power plant, petrochemical field, vehicle machine, air space, machine and so on.


  • Rugged and modular design
  • Palm sized for narrow space
  • High accuracy
  • Built-in impact device
  • For all metallic materials
  • Wide measuring range: Rockwell B&C, Brinell, Vickers, Shore and HL
  • Test in any directions
  • Automatic power on/off
  • Recalibration allowed
  • Comply to standard ASTM A956

Main parameters

Model HARTIP 1500
Principle Leeb hardness measurement
Accuracy +/-0.6%@HL=800(+/-HRC0.2)
Display LCD with backlight
Hardness scale HL/HRC/HRB/HB/HV/HS
Measuring range HL200-960 / HRC19-68 / HRB13-101.7 / HB20-655 / HV80-940 / HS32-99.5
Impact device D (Internal)
Materials 9 common metal materials
Memory 99 data
Statistics function Average / Max. / Min. / value
Recalibration Allowed by user
Indicator Low battery
Power off Auto
Power supply Ni-MH 9v rechargeable battery
Working environment -10~+45°C
Dimension (mm) 100x60x33
Net weight 150g
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