VP-6Pro Liquid Vacuum Aspiration System

1.Vacuum power can be set to different levels to achieve 1.6L/min to 6L/min aspiration speed.
2.Sensitive level sensor to prevent liquid overflow during the operation.
3. High temperature disinfection waste collection bottle(receiving bottle),tubing and handle.
4. Lid,tubing and handle are easy for disassembling,cleaning and disinfecting.
5. Wide range of adapters to fit tube,micro plate and disc plate for various tasks.
6. Interchangeable hand operator-tip adapters make it suitable for various tasks from single channel to 8-channel based on the applications in tube,micro plate,disc plate etc.

Technical Data

Liquid Vacuum Aspiration System
 Model VP – 6Pro
 Type Negative pressure suction
 Control type Digital display knob
 Pumping rate 6L / Min
 Fluid absorption rate 1.6L / Min
 Speed grade 9
 Ultimate vacuum 0.06Mpa
 Diameter of collection bottle 93mm
 Power 10W
 Weight 780g
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