Levo Me Pipette Filler

Levo ME pipette filler has an excellent feature and ergonomic design, suitable for almost all commonly used glass or plastic pipettes.


•   Enables single-handed operation with minimum effort
•   Compatible with most of the plastic and glass pipettes from 0.1-100mL
•   Easily adjustable speed control
•   0.45μm replaceable hydrophobic filter
•   Stable and reliable performance, elegant appearance
•   High capacity Li-ion battery enable long operation time.


Specifications Levo Me
Aspiration Speed 25ml<7s
Dispensing  Speed Motor/Gravity
Battery Lithium-ion
Battery Service Life More than 8 Hours of Intermittence Use
Charging Time 2-3 Hours
Pipette Types Glass or Plastic Pipette (0.1-100mL), Pasteur Pipettes
Filter 0.45μm Hydrophobic
Weight 200g


Number Accessory

Pipette Filler-Levo ME
Cat. No. Descriptions
7013100200 Levo ME with AC adapter, Euro plug
Levo ME with AC adapter, North-America plug
Levo ME with AC adapter, UK plug


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